What foods stop cancer from spreading?

Cancer’s world’s second most life-threatening disease which kill millions of people each year globally February 4th is accepted as World Cancer day by the UICC World Cancer day grown as huge campaign which works worldwide to spread awareness education and counseling related to cancer by the collective action of government and various NGOs most familiar … Read more

NEVER Stare Into a Black Hole

Black holes are some of the most extreme objects in the universe these clumps of matter are so dense that they bend the very fabric of space-time to such an extent that not even light can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole if it gets too close our sight is based on light … Read more

Are We Living in the Dark Forest ?

Where are all the aliens? It’s a question that humankind has seriously grappled with for decades, but we’ve yet to find a truly satisfying answer. Now, though, there’s a new approach in town. A new way of addressing the issue of those apparently absent extra-terrestrials. And it’d just be the one that finally opens our … Read more

What If Humanity Could Leave the Universe? | Transcension Hypothesis | Unveiled

Glance up at the sky at night and you’re looking at one relatively tiny portion of a vast and endless expanse: The universe. It stretches for billions of lightyears, it’s expanding, and that expansion is accelerating. It’s the biggest structure we know about because, well, it is everything. But are we still destined for something … Read more

The Entire History of the Universe

Now the universe began with a big bang and for some time there was nothing but very hot matter flying in all directions at the speed of light very shortly though the first star appeared its name was methuselah and for a long time it confused astronomers who believed it might be older than the … Read more

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